EPDM Rubber Roofs

The durable EPDM Roofing Material has racked up thousands of installations and makes up millions of square feet as a Residential & Commercial Roof Covering.

Key Advantages of EPDM Rubber Roofs

  • Unlike most bituminous materials, EPDM Rubber Roofs consist of a single ply synthetic rubber membrane. This allows the material to resist changes in temperature without cracking or peeling.
  • EPDM in most cases can be fitted in one piece of membrane, eliminating the risk of joints failing and causing leaks.
  • EPDM Rubber Roofs are an excellent choice for garages, dormers, porches, extensions, and all most all flat or slightly pitched roofs.
  • Resistance to UV exposure, ozone, aging, weathering, and many chemicals – great for outdoor applications.
  • Stability in high and low temperatures – a general purpose EPDM material can be used in an environment where the temperature range is from -20F to +350F (-29C to 177C).
  • Low electrical conductivity.
  • Resistance to steam and water.
  • Used in the production of extruded rubber or molded rubber products.
  • Properties allow it to be widely used and highly versatile, can be applied successfully in many situations.
  • Used in the proper environment, the parts will work well and last long without breaking down, becoming brittle, etc. – saving you money on replacements
  • Less expensive than silicone, with similar properties
  • EPDM is a  20yr warranty Roofing System and has a life expectancy of 50yrs+
  • Downsview Roofing are specialist installers of EPDM and all other Flat Roofing Materials.

Recent EPDM Installations